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Http Monitors, evenly distribute the test run within single iteration for selected frequency.


Hi All,

I have created a HTTP Synthetic monitor and selected the frequency as 5 minutes for 7 different locations.

On running the test, for the first minute of the each iteration the test on 3 locations are executed, on second minute of each iteration the test on other 2 locations are executed and on the third minute of the each iteration the test on the last 3 locations are executed.

Now for every iteration the test completes in the very first 3 minutes and for rest of the 2 minutes we do not record any thing, mean while if any issue happens during this time we will have delay of 2 minutes.

So is there a way by which we can evenly distribute the test run for the selected frequency so at least we have one test run every minute.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Saurav,

thanks for your question. Even distribution of HTTP monitor executions is not yet available. We are currently working on this.
Best wishes, Hannah

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for reply, how early can we expect this feature in Dynatrace, it there an ETA for this feature.

Yes, it's expected quite soon but this is contingent on testing. We are expecting it in the next month or so.

Hi Hannah,

This is very welcome! I have noticed this problem with distribution also. Will this also be available for private locations?

Do you mean for Private Browser Monitors? These should already show even spacing - since 1.180.

Yes, you are correct, and I hadn't noticed it. Checked some and they seem very nicely distributed. Thanks!

Hello Hannah,

Could you tell if now private synthetic monitors distribute traffic evenly?


Hi Irakli,

For browser monitors, it has been working long ago.

For HTTP monitors, it's still now working in my case, but I don't have the latest versions.

@Hannah M. will certainly confirm soon.

It looks like most of the work has been completed for this.


Hi Yos N.

Having 5 location in 5 minute did not work. Thanks for help.


Hi Hannah,

I have noticed today that HTTP Monitors are still not evenly distributed. Do you have an idea when it will be available?

Good question. I see that the HTTP monitor executions on public locations are spread evenly but this is not yet the case for those on private locations. I will check and add an update here

Hi Antonio, thanks for your patience. I checked with my colleagues in Development and confirmed that this is still being worked on. We don't yet have a date for this.

Is there some workaround for this? Like start/stopping the services at an exact differentiated time?

Unfortunately not. However, it seems there will be an intermediate change to evenly space executions on private locations for HTTP monitors that will be available sooner. This will be what you are looking for for monitors that just run on private locations but those with a mix of public and private will still see this behaviour. I also couldn't get a date but this will be sooner rather than later.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Thank you for your patience. We have started to roll this out so it should be in all clusters over the next few releases. Best wishes, Hannah