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Maintenance window after upgrade 1.236 is not easy to use and less user friendly


After the new production upgrade of dynatrace i.e 1.236. , using the maintenance windows (MWs) is not user friendly as it was earlier due to following reasons -

1. Expired MWs are appearing along with upcoming MWs which is not user friendly.

2. Toggle button of expired MWs remains enabled .

3. Calendar option is removed for selecting date and time for MWs which makes it difficult to create a correct maintenance window .

4. No option to select 2 days in a week.

5. To add multiple synthetic monitors , we need need to add multiple line items while selecting filters.

6. Summary of a maintenance window shows synthetic monitor and management zones ID's instead of names which makes it difficult to identify the details of entities in a maintenance window .


It would be very highly appreciated if the product team can look through above points and incorporate user friendly changes in maintenance windows in upcoming release .



Maintenance window setting really needs a preview option to see what's being affected, in the same way you get to see what is included in a Management Zone when that is being created.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @vikasyadav,
I sure understand your pain point there. In here Dynatrace is moving to the new UI approach that we call it as unified analysis screens. This is the result of that. If more like you feels the same then you are free to leave feedback in our Dynatrace portal.


Thank you for your feedback on Maintenance windows. We will make sure to pass it to the product team.  

Love more, hate less; Technology for all, together we grow.


I've been looking for maint window GUI has sort capability and display window creation update time colume so that ops user be able to see in release day with easy. This is very apparent issue. Please move fast to deliver PRODUCTION Operation related feature. I raise the request for long time but I didn't see action. User complaint often

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