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Synthetic Monitoring


Hello everyone, 

I am quite new to using Dynatrace. I try to set up a synthetic monitor for a intranet website, which is not reachable from outside the network. The problem I am facing is the following: The website always has the following error message when you load the page "Your connection is not private". Then you need to click on advance to get to the actual page. So normally this is not a problem. 

But when I try to record the clickpath for my browser monitor, I can not get past the error screen. I click on advance and then it is just loading for a few minutes until the recording stops. So I can't record the clickpath. Is there a way to fix this problem, so I can record the clickpath? I also tried to still use the browser monitor, but when executing it, it gave me the following error: "ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED"

Additionally, I tried it with the HTTP monitor too. I also read, that certificate errors are ignored. But when I execute the HTTP monitor I just get following error: HTTP code 502, Bad gateway from Private Synthetic Server.


I know this might be a complex problem, but I do hope that some of you might be able to help me out, 



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


There are several issues here. I'll put them as points below:

  • If you want to monitor intranet websites, you will need a Synthetic Activegate. This is not important at the phase of recording the clickpath, but you won't get measurements afterward. But since you mention it near the end, I imagine this is not an issue.
  • The recording process will mimic what will be playbacked. If there is a certificate error, it will only give erroneous measurements afterwards.
  • Have not tried it, but if you configure your private certificate in the machine doing the recording, it should work. You would then have to import that cert into the Activegate doing the measurements. I have an idea there was a documented way of doing it, but have not found it by now.
  • Not sure if you have an internal CA, but your Organization should consider a solution for those certs. It's not that difficult to setup, and it's considered a security best practice.


Antonio Sousa

Thank you! I do think that we have a synthetic activegate already. Is there a way to check in Dynatrace, if we have already a synthetic activegate?

I will try it with the certificate and the other proposed solution. 

Do you have any idea about the "ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED" as well as the 502 error in HTTP-Monitor?

Dynatrace Promoter
Dynatrace Promoter

To record clickpath you can try to disable Chrome certificate validation. To do that you have to launch chrome with additional command line parameter:


Please keep in mind that exposes you to threats until you do not close browser. 

Hello Kamil,

thank you. I will try that. 

Do you have any idea about "ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED" and the 502 error with HTTP-monitor?

This looks like a problem with networking. Please check if this website is available if you manually navigate to it on machine where private location is configured.

Hello, I did so and it is still available.

Can you try running through some of the checks here?  I'm particularly interested in whether using our User Agent affects this. Thanks

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

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