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Synthetic browser monitoring clickpath

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Hi Guys, 


We have an application flow to monitor using the browser click path. Flow is something like navigate to login url >>credentails>>signIn>>click on query >> validate caseID. 

Once i click on signIn it open a new popup browser window where we can see details of application. like this each action is open new browser window. But synthetic recorder is only recording the first page remaining pages are not recording. 

Can you please let me know how can i resolve this. 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


What is the nature of the popup window. Is it from the application, or maybe from the browser (basic authentication?) ?

Antonio Sousa


Its the nature of the application. 

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Without knowing what application it is, it might be difficult. One idea that occurs to me is that you change the option "Amount of time to wait before the next event is triggered", to "Wait for a specific element to appear", or "Wait for background network activity to complete", if you can define one. It might be difficult because you say it launches a popup window, but give it a try.

Antonio Sousa

The application is AS400 EDM(Enterprise data manager). I tried the above options but no luck. 

Recorder is recording only the initial loading page but not the new window elements. 


At this phase, it's probably better for you to open a Support Ticket, as they will be able to look into the specifics of what is going on in your monitoring enviroment & application.

Antonio Sousa

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