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Synthetic monitoring : Maintenance window & Frequency

Frequent Guest


Can you help us understanding why it takes almost 40 minutes befor the synthetic scripts start running ?

We have a Maintenance window that ends at 6h30 but we notice that the first runs of the scripts are axecuted at 7h09.

The frequency of this script is : 15 minutes


Tx for your help.


Guy Deherder.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If this is still an issue, please can you create a Support ticket so we can check what is happening on the backend? Thanks. 

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I dont think it should take that long, Id follow up with a support ticket just like @HannahM has recommended. 

There is a misnomer about execution times however. If you have a monitor that is set to run every 1 minute, from two locations, it wont actually run every minute. For example Location 1 and Location 2 at 8:00, then again at 8:01 and so on. Rather its takes your frequency time and divides it by locations, so 1 divided by 2, gives us 0.5 or 30 Seconds. so at 8:00:00 location 1 runs, then at 8:00:30 Location 2 runs. 


But as you stated yours is upwards of 30 mins after the window expires.  So a support ticket would be the best solution for this oddity. 


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