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The Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder uses Incognito mode when recording and playing back monitors to ensure that it is a clean browser instance without cookies or cached resources. However, some applications do not work as expected using Incognito mode and some companies do not allow it to be used on their network. 


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Unable to use Incognito mode Disable Incognito mode Disable Incognito mode in the extension and agree to this in the WebUI Ask on chat


Note: On-demand and scheduled executions on both Public and Private locations are run using the standard Chrome mode, not Incognito, but they will always have clean cache and no cookies. 
When using the Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder without Incognito enabled the recording and playback will have access to your cached resources and cookies. These resources and cookies will not be available to the Dynatrace Synthetic Player when the monitor is executed on-demand or scheduled, so you may see unexpected behaviour.

To use the Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder without Incognito enabled, you need to

  1. Disable 'Allow in Incognito' for the Synthetic Recorder
    1. Paste chrome://extensions/ into your Chrome address bar and select Enter.
    2. On the Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder tile, select Details.
    3. Disable Allow in incognito.
  2.  In the WebUI, enable 'Use the recorder without incognito mode'
    1. Open a monitor that you would like to record/ playback without Incognito mode
    2. Select Edit
    3. Select Recorded clickpath
    4. Enable Use the Recorder without incognito mode


or you can enable it in the create a New Browser Monitor page

  1. In the WebUI, Go to Synthetic.
  2. Select Create a synthetic monitor > Create a browser monitor.
  3. Enable Use the recorder without incognito mode



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