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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Sometimes when there are issues with generating a trusted certificate or has an internal only environment that cannot use a Publicly available IP for the Cluster ActiveGate so they are not able to use the option to have Dynatrace manage and create a trusted certificate/domain. In these situations, it is an easy fix to use a OneAgent as a Beacon Forwarder to allow for a smooth transition and allow the customer to utilize Mobile RUM.

Note: The server with a OneAgent must be one of the following technologies:

  • Apache HTTP Server​
  • IBM HTTP Server​
  • Java servlet-based web applications (Tomcat, Wildfly etc.)​
  • IIS​
  • NGINX​
  • Node.js​
  • Oracle HTTP Server

Step 1

Go to the Mobile Application of desire in the WebUI and then click the ellipsis button and then click Edit (This should bring you to the Instrumentation page):


Step 2

On the Instrumentation page, click the Change endpoint button and then select the Instrumented web server URL radio button. Fill in the text field with your Web Server or Java App Server (Servlet-based) URL with the following format:

  • http(s)://<my-instrumented-server>:port/mbeacon

Once this is filled in, click on the Save changes button to complete the configuration change.


Step 3

Go back to the Instrumentation page and select the Google Android tile. Copy the newly generated beaconUrl that contains the Web/App server that you've inputted into the beaconUrl in your top-level build.gradle:


Sync your gradle after the change and rebuild/test your app to validate the configuration change and the OneAgent Beacon Forwarder is good to go.

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DynaMight Legend

Thank you @yngwie_lucero for this solution article