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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper
To resolve issues with your code or the configuration of your application, check the following areas:
  • Imports and dependencies: make sure that all necessary packages are up to date, imported into the code, and can be used.
  • Exporter: check for errors in your endpoint or access token configuration.
  • SDK initialization: make sure that the SDK is being initialized before any library is used.
  • Spans: check whether all manually created spans are ended, even in case of exceptions, errors, or other unpredicted behavior.
  • Logs: review any logs you might have for error messages.
  • Collector: if you're using the Collector, make sure the OTLP/HTTP exporter is used in your pipelines to send data to Dynatrace.
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‎28 Nov 2023 06:00 PM
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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


Additional to the above, here's the documentation link to open telemetry with the Dynatrace one agent. Hopefully it helps! 


OpenTelemetry traces with OneAgent - Dynatrace Docs