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Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

This is a Self Service Diagnostics article of type Partial-Self-Service.


Self Service Summary

Issue Solution Tasks Alternative
A Dynatrace component is suspected to be vulnerable and you need more details

Get in touch with Support after preparing required information with your Security Team

Open a Support Ticket and specify: Dynatrace component + version, vulnerability details, your required update (see below) Search within the Release Notes if you know proper key words


Support Ticket Content

Work with your Security Team to provide the following Self Service Diagnostics:

  1. Dynatrace component: Which component incl. version is suspected to be vulnerable (e.g. SaaS 1.240, Managed 1.240, OneAgent 1.240, ActiveGate 1.239, Dynatrace API 1.240, Cloud Automation 240.1.0)
  2. Vulnerability source and details: Describe how the vulnerability was found and attach if applicable:
    • Complete report/test result
    • CVE-#
    • Severity level or CVSS
    • Path to the affected library
    • Tool/scanner name
    • How to reproduce the security concern/pentest (e.g. attack vector, exploit)
  3. Required update: As a customer, I want to know e.g.
    • If I am affected
    • How I am affected
    • If it is of high severity
    • In which version it will be fixed
    • When the fix version will be available


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great  template, thanks @stefanie_pachne 

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