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I need create a business transaction to splitting value from web request details. I tried Web Request URI Pattern as attached screenshot. But that doesn't work. Can you please give me some guidance? This is second dofilter in the purepath. I attached...
I want to use Generic Execution Plugin to call external web service. I got SSL error in plugin log. That web service uses https. My question is where I put the cert of client. I think it should be java which dynatrace server uses. ThanksYC
I see dynatrace support SAP ABAP platform through remote extension? Is that same technology with classic AppMon Plugin? Can I use AppMon integrated with SAP ABAP platform?
Like TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2. I want to limit DCRUM only use TLS 1.2 connect to SQL server.ThanksYC
My company will remediate TLS 1.0 and TLS 11 to access SQL Server. How can I check which protocol we are using by CAS/ADS to connect SQL server? And how can I change it?We are using DCRUM 2017 SP 5 now.ThanksYC