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Service desk use cases

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hi team,

My client is managed using Cherwell, we are reporting problems generated in dynamic by email notifications. The client's service desk wants to know the use cases on how to use Dynatrace for the service desk. The team is not interested in the root causes on the Dynatrace screen or how deep to go to analyze the problems. Some of the cases I told them is-
- Assign tickets to Cherwell teams when see the notifications.

- App teams can use the application performance scenarios.

- Network teams can monitor network devices.

Team wanted to notify their system when problems are resolved themselves but we are unable to integrate with Cherwell due to lack of such an integration. I have been tasked to train the service desk team but team seems uninterested in

our regular topics. Please provide your suggestions. 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @lovleen 

Some of my suggestions:

  • Set up simplified Dynatrace dashboards specifically for the service desk team. These dashboards can focus on high-level metrics that are most relevant to them, such as uptime, response times, and error rates, without going into the underlying technical details.
  • Since the team is interested in being notified about problems resolving themselves, create customized alerts that specifically inform them when an issue is resolved. This can help them keep track of the problem lifecycle without needing to understand the technicalities.
  • Provide the team with easy-to-understand guides and cheat sheets that they can refer to when dealing with Dynatrace alerts. This can be more effective than formal training sessions for teams that are not deeply interested in the tool itself.
  • Instead of regular topics, use real-life scenarios that the service desk team can relate to. Show them how Dynatrace would work in these scenarios, focusing on how it simplifies their work rather than on the technical details.

Hope it helps.


Have a nice day!

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