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Using Credential Vault with Problem Notification integration


Good day,

We are attempting the problem notification integration where most of the customer's systems are fronted by Apigee Edge, the customer's security policy dictates that the Bearer token expires every 60 minutes. I want to attempt to update the token in the credential vault before expiry every x minutes.

Can I access the token by adding an Authorization header with the credential vault notation

{CREDENTIALS_VAULT-tokenid|token} as the value in the problem notification integration setup for custom integrations?



I have come to the conclusion that the Credentials cannot be accessed from the credential vault by the problem notification integration configuration. The solution was to create a synthetic HTTP monitor that :

  1. Makes a call to the Apigee endpoint to renew the API token
  2. Uses the token in the first request to update the problem integration configuration Authorization header with the new token through the Dynatrace Configuration API in a second request.

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