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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can I permanently disable the default Shared Dashboards from the WebUI?


Since my team has no real need for business analytics, we do not need these dashboards -- as shown in the screenshot.

In fact, these dashboards include infrastructure details that we wish to explicitely hide from developers and users without proper access -- specifically, dashboards like "Host resource utilization" are views that we must carefully cater. My team needs to allow other DynaTrace WebUI users to view only curated dashboards that we provide.

How can I disable/hide these default dashboards?


Hi Julio,

AppMon 7.1 will contain a feature to hide the out of the box dashboards.

Best, Peter

Hi. I am at a new client site and the default dashboard icon is grayed out so I am guessing this now works to disable them. At this client I want them to see the default dashboards. Where is the switch to turn this on and off located. Thank you!


Thank you. Will gladly wait for that.


Hi @Peter Z.

I am currently using version 7.1 but I am still not able to hide those dashboards.

Can you please provide on how to disable that?

Thank you,



fo rreference, here is the link to the documentation how to disable the out of the box dashboards:

please refer to: "Is it possible to hide all out-of-the-box dashboards? "

Best, Peter