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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

User Action Server Contribution + Network Contribution time


We have UEM and a business transaction which counts method invocations. When I drill down into the user action purepaths the numbers do not add up. The duration time is supposed to be the sum of the server contribution + network contribution time. In my case I have huge gaps and I don't know where the missing time is spent. Please see the screenshot. Can somebody shed some light on it?

Second question: Sometimes in the PurePath tree the Web Requests row is grayed out and I don't have any metrics. What does it mean when the Web Requests is grayed out?





Hello Stanislav,

The duration of a user action is made up of three parts: server, network and client contribution. That would explain why the times don't add up because the rest of the time is spent in the client as it renders images and loads various items.

  1. Server time or server contribution: The sum of the calls to blocking APIs in server-side PurePaths, considering overlaps. Simply summing up the PurePaths durations (even considering overlaps) creates a wrong impression, since the network bandwidth influences the PurePath: Blocking writes on the server-side prolong the PurePath. A client's (browser's) slow network connection can prolong the PurePath.
  2. Network time or network contribution: The sum of all response sizes sent to the client / bandwidth of the client.
  3. Client time or client contribution: The rest of the user action response time is client time.

Relating to the grayed out web requests, it could be that the information was cached in the browser so it didn't need to send any backend requests or it could be that the web request is still being processed. If you run into that scenario again and you don't expect it, you can post what you are seeing.


David Nicholls

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for clearing that up. Super detailed answer. I really appreciate it.