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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Why new purepath pattern appear in my dynatrace ?



I've monitoring a mobile app for banking company as know RMBP. Previously, all purepaths from RMBP were always patter like this /RMBP/apps/services/...

And the problem is, on this day a new purepath appears from the RMBP web service. It can be seen from the capture below purepath of the RMBP web service with pattern /bii_RestfulRib/service/ ... with the client IP always from, not the true client IP customers who access it.

I take the RMBP purepath example for the transfer transaction, you can see below that there are many purepaths with a size of only 19 but with a response time above 15000 ms. I think this is an incomplete purepath, where the contents of the purepath tree are truncated.

If I click on purepath with the size > 800, it can be seen from the purepath tree that there is a web service process from the application and it is not truncated like the purepath with size only 19.

why is there a new purepath that appears today? even though purepath had never appeared in the previous days with this pattern.






I will bet for partial instrumentation.

It seems that you are not instrumenting all the nodes involved on those transactions (or any agent is down) so the purepath starts on that point (because the previous layer are not instrumented)

Could be the case? New instances calling to those? Any agent down?


No agent down, my agent for this app are 2 agents and every day agent are up. But today there is a difference with my purepath.

All the purepaths today have the entry point on the sevice? Or you still see the "normal" ones?

Just information for you, my company have 2 mobile apps for banking transactions. 1 of them is an old app that named RMBP, and 1 more is new version app that named RMBP_UIUX. And I put 2 of them in different system profile.

The RMBP now still live for customers, but RMBP_UIUX is just used by internal IT team, someday I add method sensor in RMBP_UIUX system profile, and I pict some method to "active and start purepath". The web service call on RMBP_UIUX is same on RMBP.

But now I delete all method sensor and I apply it. If the app restarted, are the purepath will normal again ??

If the config go back to the prior one (where works as expected) should be.

Yeah, to apply those changes, you need restart de services!

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I think in this case it would be better to open a support case. To analyze this case a lot more information is needed, which should be provided in a support case.