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Forum tip: How to get additional filters in Product Ideas and search results

Community Team
Community Team

There are some additional options to filter content in the Dynatrace Community (outside of UI) that you can use, to get quicker to the topic you want.


Product Ideas

You can filter Product Ideas forum content by a label and status at the same time (which isn't possible at the moment directly from UI).

All you have to do is to add additional text to the URL of the Product Ideas forum page.

If you want to filter content by a specific Product Idea status, then add to the end of Product Ideas forum URL:

  • /status-key/open
  • /status-key/under_review
  • /status-key/accepted
  • /status-key/planned
  • /status-key/started
  • /status-key/completed
  • /status-key/indirectly_addressed
  • /status-key/not_planned

For labels, it is the same. The text you will have to add to the URL is 

  • /label-name/

with the label name at the end. The space between words in the label should be replaced by "%20".
Here are some examples:

  • /label-name/user%20session%20monitoring
  • /label-name/dynatrace%20saas
  • /label-name/notifications

So, if you want to see all "planned" Product Ideas for "RUM" label, your URL should look like this:




Or, if you want to see all "completed" Product Ideas for the "management zones" label, the URL should look like this:




Community search

There are also more options to filter content in Community search - most importantly by labels. All you have to do is add specific text to the end of the URL of the search results page.

For labels, the text you have to add is:

  • &labels=

With the name of the label at the end. Once again, all spaces have to be replaced by "%20"


So, if you want to search for "monitoring" topics, and you want to filter results only to the content labeled "Synthetic monitoring", your URL has to look like this:


After creating such an URL, you can add all other filters from the UI:


And you will see also all the filters, that you've used, in the URL of this search:,dateRangeType,authorI...


We are planning in the future to expose those features in the UI, but before it will happen, we wanted to present to you these options, so you will be able to get the content that you need as fast as possible.


If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

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