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Merging Users After Legal Name Change

Frequent Guest



I needed to change my legal name regarding marital status change. With this change, my workplace updated my e-mail address. Thus, I needed to register again to Dynatrace with a new account since previous e-mail address no longer exists. Can you merge my previous(@Seyda_Eren) and present accounts(@Eren_Seyda)?


Best regards,

Şeyda Eren Çetintaş.


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Eren_Seyda ,


In terms of the accounts in the Dynatrace Community, we, unfortunately, can't merge them. What we can do is swap SSO ID between accounts, and basically give you the old account back. Does it work for you?

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

Hi @MaciejNeumann,


Unfortunately, it does not work for me since I've opened several tickets with both of them.  

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