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How to relate SLO with Releases Concepts




There is something great in releases and SLOs functionalities. In order to integrate them in a DevOps CI/CD pipeline, I'd like to evaluate SLO's for an specific release, not for an specific interval (-1d, -2w…). 




As QA tests have not all the same time duration, I think the only way to make it possible, would be to filter SLO's for releases, but this is not available:




So, in order to automate SLO's evaluation for an specific release, what do you guess it'd be the best approach?


Thanks in advance.




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @Alberto-Atos ,


that is very good point and I take it as a requirement that I want so solve.


For now, one way is to change the evaluation "Show results for" on the screen to "Global timeframe" and select the global timeframe you are interested in. The same method applies for dashboards, where you could also change the SLO tile to reflect the results of the selected global timeframe.

But I understand, this does not work out, when multiple versions are deployed in parallel.

There you need to split the SLO metrics out for specific versions / releases, that might be deployed in parallel.

You can do this on the SLO filter (where you could filter for entities with specific release versions), but of course that would require manual SLO changes and duplicates etc.


Relate SLO evaluation to specific versions and split that out automatically,

is something we have already planned and this perfectly matches to your requirement.

Unfortunately I cannot provide any estimate for this yet, but can confirm, that to solve your use case, is one of our primary goals with the cloud automation solution.

Frequent Guest

Hi Alberto,


Are you still working to integrate SLOs into a DevOps CI/CD pipeline?



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