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Integracion with iDRAC or OpenManage to monitor Dell PowerEdge servers


Hello experts.


I'm new to the platform and I would like to monitor my infra, among that I have some PowerEdge server. Is there any way of going down to the server to get monitoring of if through the iDRAC controller or the OME management tool?


Thanks all in advance.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@morpheo117  were you able to get a solution to this for your monitoring needs? If the OneAgent isnt compatible you could always see about building, or contracting Dynatrace to build a custom plugin/extension to satisfy your monitoring needs. You can also ingest metrics via API as well. 



Hello morpheo117,

Welcome to the world of server monitoring! Integrating iDRAC or OpenManage with your Dell PowerEdge servers is a smart move for efficient management. To monitor your infrastructure seamlessly, you can leverage the capabilities of iDRAC for remote server management. Ensure that you have the iDRAC IP address accessible from your monitoring platform.

For OpenManage Essentials (OME), it's a robust tool for Dell server management. Install HOME on a server, discover your PowerEdge servers, and you'll have a centralized management console. This makes it super convenient to keep tabs on your server health.

From my experience, the combination of iDRAC and OME provides a comprehensive solution. By the way, if you're interested in exploring additional functionalities, Andersen has some excellent tools that can complement your server monitoring setup. Remember to keep the firmware updated for both iDRAC and OME for optimal performance and security.

Feel free to ask if you encounter any hiccups during the integration.


Hello! To monitor Dell PowerEdge servers, you can use iDRAC for individual server monitoring and Dell OpenManage Enterprise (OME) for centralized management across multiple servers:

  • iDRAC: Provides remote access for monitoring server health (temperature, power, etc.) and managing servers (reboots, troubleshooting). Access iDRAC via its IP in a web browser, check system health, and set up alerts for hardware events.

  • OME: A central management console for overseeing multiple servers. Install OME, discover and add your PowerEdge servers via iDRAC, and use it for comprehensive monitoring and management.

iDRAC is ideal for detailed control of single servers, while OME is best for managing multiple servers from one place.

Best regards, Cyfrania services 

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