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Jira integration: How to add a certificate to Dynatrace?

Frequent Guest

Hello. I am trying to integrate Jira with my DT SaaS, the endpoints are all correct, however, when I go to test I get status code 400. 


I have seen that you have to add the Jira certificate in DT. There is a way to do it for Dynatrace managed, I just do not see a way in the GUI to add that in.


Or, would anyone know why I am getting status code 400 my Jira env is public?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@crazlaz2 I'm a bit confused, You mentioned Dynatrace SaaS and Managed, can you confirm what type of Dynatrace instance you are having this issue with? Were you able to get it sorted out? If so, could you share with the community where you needed to upload the Jira Cert; on the Cluster AG, Environment AG, or somewhere in the UI? 


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