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Hello Folks,


I have an atypical situation where a mount point is made available dynamically, causing the alert disabling settings to be enabled again. The rules for the disk are also not effective for this case, is there any other way to ensure that the alerts are disabled?


Thank you so much.







Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Let me repeat that to make sure I get that right, the mount point is created dynamically but always with variable names so that our global disk alert rules do not match?

Hello Wolfgang,

Yes, this is strange, i know, but let try to explain. Important to emphasize that the consuming this mount point is almost always 100%, bellow a brief summary of situation:

In Settings->Anomaly detection->Infraestructure->Custom disk-detection rule

I tried to set the rule with two extremes, as the partition is always at 100%, I left the rule "if lower than" equal 100%, but in some cases this partition consumption is below 100%, invalidating the rule. So, i tried to set the rule "if lower than" equal the zero. For my surprise, the alert was triggered, with message if lower than 0.

I tried then, disable the alert rule in host settings -> anomalie detection, detect low disk space, detect slow-running disk and detected inodes number available.

As we have this particularity, where the mount point can be created and destroyed dynamically, each partition that rises we have to validate and disable the anomaly detections to disk.

So, is there a way to bypass this?

Thank you so much.

The names of the mount points do not stay the same? I get the point that it makes not much sense to configure something on a host as the mount points are dynamically created.

On a global level a rule could help but only if you have a stable mount point name. Otherwise you could try to globally disable the disc alerting and add name rules for those where you know they are important.

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