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Opening tickets with Remedy


Hi all,

We need to open Remedy tickets from a Dynatrace managed. Did anyone do something like that before?





Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

A while back I did something for this, here's a PDF with what we had working. If your Remedy is configured differently you likely wouldn't be able to use exactly this but it might help to start. Pa y attention to the headers as well.

Also note that since Dynatrace sends notifications for the opening and closing at least you would end up with 2 tickets unless you either use some sort of middle tier to intercept the later updates or you have configured Remedy to identify the 'updates.' I never saw that working but was told it is possible.


Hi James


Can you please share the pdf with me.


When I consult the link it sends error 404

Hello @jemartineza 

I've fixed the link to the pdf in James' comment, you should be able now to access it correctly.

Also, instead of clicking on the link, you can also click on the file preview at the bottom of the comment, to see it directly in the Community:


If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at


@MaciejNeumann @JamesKitson 

For standard infra monitoring, can we monitor custom high CPU usage and it should trigger alert and integration with remedy.

Without installing one agent on the host (AG host ) I have created events without using tags  I am facing problem at integration

Not getting INC in remedy but problems are detecting onto the Console.

Do you have any suggestions on this ? How can I fix this issue




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