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Remedy BMC integration with Dynatrace


I would like to integrate Remedy with Dynatrace.

Validating the information in Setting -> Integration -> Problem notifications -> Custom integration I enter the remedy data. Is this way correct?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

It is correct that you'll be using a custom notification but the payload needs to be in a format that Remedy can consume. See my answer here as a starting point:


In case for Remedy to consume an API from Dynatrace.

Which dynatrace API do you recommend for Remedy to consume?

The standard problem API if remedy is pulling the info from Dynatrace.

I hope this helps.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The webhook approach should work but we have seen with other customers that the receiving end can be unreliable and not all messages make it. Sadly there is no retry mechanism with the webhook.

We have implemented an extension with full resilience built which you can buy for flexpoints. Contact Dynatrace one if you are interested.

Hi @florent_duchate I have a similar situation with a client sending notifications through Remedy but just to be clear they are passing through Apigee API Proxy for Authenticating the token and sending the request to the backend.


Is this observation still the case now according to recent developments or it has improved?


Please also provide details of the resilient extension/any documentation described here. Let me know if something has improved since this Post

Dynatrace Certified Associate

The custom solution I built for another customer uses APigee for tokens too.

There is still no out of the box solution for now.

Sorry, the link has been taken out of your post so I can't check it.

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