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Workflow payment model compliance with Serverless manifesto


I got an answer from support that workflows payment based on Toogle = enable state.
"So that price is per configured workflow meaning it would calculate with "enable" if I understand this correctly.
Basically you pay for the existence of the workflow"

Regardless of real execution time. So every workflow will cost annually based on MSRP: more than 1138.8 USD

Is it correct?

If yes:
Based on well known

Fair principle to this type of function: Never pay for idle


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Slawa,

These docs give a good example of the cost for both time existing and usage. Automation workflows (DPS) | Dynatrace Docs. From the description in the docs and the pricing, yes it would be roughly 1138.8 USD per year at the time of writing.

Hope that helps.

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