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Workflow to create incident in ServiceNow


Hello, I am integrating a dynatrace workflow to generate incidents in servicenow, my problem is that I generate the basic authentication credentials in servicenow, create the connection in dyntrace. But when calling the connection in the integration block to create incidents it returns an "unauthorized" error, maybe you can help me understand if this error is from dynatrace because the basic authentication credentials in servicenow are created as indicated.







DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


If you want to create an incident in ServiceNow, you will probably want a Problem in Dynatrace. Then the integration is direct. What is the use-case here?

Antonio Sousa

I have already made the use case in the flow that I detail, in summary with the trigger the problem is analyzed and the attention of the case is categorized and prioritized or not, once with this the creation of the tk is raised in servicenow so I am not doing a direct integration.
Regarding the initial query, do you have any information as to why it is not connecting correctly?



may be you need to add the servicenow url under Limit outbound connections if triggering through workflow 

Settings >>Preferences>>Limit outbound connections

or it could be with the user permission of the user that is being used for authentication 

Hello, thank you for your response indeed and I also tried adding the url in this section, however it has not given favorable results, regarding the servicenow user he has the admin role so I cannot explain where the error is.




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