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AWS Integration with Dynatrace Managed


Hi All,

We need to integrate AWS cloud watch with Dynatrace Managed.

Is there any prerequisites like hardware level (active gateway), port openings or only we need to provide access and secret key created from Amazon account.

Is there Any involvement of active gateway in this scenario as I am confused about the data flow from AWS to Managed server.



Community Team
Community Team

Hi Mohit,

Check the How do I start AWS monitoring? doc page.

Is this what you need?


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Hi Karolina,

Thanks for the answer.

I have already gone through the page mentioned but not able to understand the communication between AWS and managed server as all the components of my Dynatrace deployment are hosted on local datacentre with no public access and the AWS is in cloud how this will work in this scenario?

You can install a Cluster ActiveGate for the communication between the cloud and Dynatrace Managed Server, It's recommended that you install it in a location that can be publicly accessed
from the Internet (Public IP) so it can forward all data traffic to Dynatrace
Server. See the documentation: