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WindowsPlan App Service extension double confusing entries in Dynatrace


When deploying the Dynatrace Extension for WindowsPlan App Service, Dynatrace shows two entries with different values. This is very confusing and 100% reproducible.


Dynatrace SiteExtension .png


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @tanmoy,

This looks like it could be connected to one of the support tickets we've received recently: 

"Azure app services from different Azure subscriptions can be sometimes shown under the same host. The host ID is created from the hostname retrieved from the gethostname function (winsock.h) and since both Azure app services have the same hostname, they also get an identical host ID."

I'll let you know when there's going to be a resolution for this ticket.

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

That is a different issue , this 100% reproducible within same subscription. If you create a sample windows app from Visual Studio and deploy in windows app service and install Dynatarce Site extension it shows duplicate entries 

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