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Community Team
Community Team

When you go to any Open Q&A forum, click Ask a question to compose your question. Make sure you select the correct forum for the question.

Type a concise summary of your question in the top field. It doesn't have to be in the form of a question, but it should clearly identify the issue or subject. As you type your question, a drop-down list displays similar questions, so you can check whether your question has already been answered.

Provide relevant details:

If you're not already in the forum where your question belongs, select the forum—forums enabled for your account are listed with favorite forums highlighted.

Add at least one topic tag in the Tags field:

  • The available tags for the selected forum are displayed below the field. Click a tag to add it to your question.
  • You can also add a tag by typing it in the field. A drop-down list of available tags, filtered as you type, is displayed so you can select a tag.

You can add up to 5 tags to your question. Tags are created by the forum moderators.

Click Post Your Question at the bottom of the screen.