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Community Team
Community Team

If another Forum member has been identified as an expert in the issue you're asking about, you can use the Ask an Expert feature to send that member a message with a link to the question.

Experts are identified by the subject-area tags added to the Expertise settings in their Preferences.

Note: Ask an Expert is only available for questions you've asked, not for other people's questions.

Find an expert

To find out who's an expert in the subject area of your question, click a tag you've applied to your question. Clicking the tag displays the list of questions with that tag. The Tag Experts are listed on the right side of the page.

Send a message to an expert

On the question page, click the Ask button in the right sidebar to display the message window.

Experts in your question's subject area, identified by the tags you've added to the question, are listed in the Ask an Expert to Answer screen. Click one or more of the names to send your message to those experts.