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Community Team
Community Team

Hello, Dynatrace Community!


Yesterday, we shared some unusual facts about the Community team 🙂 Today, we'd like to provide you with more insights into our daily work!


Although being present in the forums, moderating posts, and helping you get the answers to your questions is an important part of our job, there are many other areas that we look into.


Internally, we have touchpoints with probably all departments at Dynatrace :dynaspin: In the forums, we can tell who is who even if the username doesn't reflect the real name 🙂 Passion for people is our superpower! 🦄


So what do we do, when not looking into forum posts? This report from Jira can tell quite a lot, based on our components:

Community componentsCommunity components

As you can see, there's no dominant area over the others. All Community areas are equally important to us and what differs is usually the workload needed.


How do we work? We use Kanban as our main methodology and maintain a Kanban board. We plan tasks with a monthly resolution and do monthly retrospectives. In the last two years, we resolved over 900 stories.


➡️ How do you work? Do you use agile methodologies? Happy to hear about your experience and what works best for you!