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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community,

With the launch of the new Dynatrace platform, we've decided to refresh some of our category and sub-forum names to make them shorter and simpler. Also, as some of the categories grew beyond what they were at the beginning (like "Tips and tricks"), the new names will reflect more clearly what the categories are all about.


Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 12.47.00.png

 From now on:

  • Category "Open Q&A" will be called simply "Dynatrace"
  • "Using Dynatrace" changes into "Ask". As the name suggests, this is a place for various forums where you can ask questions about Dynatrace and it's features
  • "Dynatrace Open Q&A" turns into "Open Q&A". If you didn't find any specific sub-forum for your question - this is a place where you can post it
  • "Tips and tricks" is now just "Learn". As we added new types of content to this category, it became a place to expand your knowledge about Dynatrace in various forms, from tips to troubleshooting articles, heads-ups, tutorials, or FAQs
  • "Extending Dynatrace" is now called just "Extend". Shorter and snappier 😉 
  • "Product Ideas" are now just "Ideas". And the "Dynatrace Product Ideas" are now "Product Ideas"
  • "Community hub" turns just into a simple "Community"

And this is it! Don't worry about the links that you have bookmarked, as the changes don't affect URLs. Everything stays in the same place. Today we're also launching a new category, but more on that later 😉

With the new platform, we also expect new topics to appear. We always want our Community to grow organically, so if we notice that some topics are catching more attention and a lot of content is created around them, we create a separate space for them.

Let us know, what you think about those changes and what kind of sub-forums you would like to see in the future!