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Community Team
Community Team

Are you a Dynatrace Community member who goes above and beyond your daily work to participate in the Community? Do you attend events, ask questions, and help others in the forums, submit product feedback ideas, and share your digital performance brilliance with the rest of the Community?

Community Awards

The following recognition awards are our special way of saying thank you for helping to make the world's largest digital performance community a success!

Community Biweekly Challenge Award

Biweekly Challenge Awards recognize members who take their time to complete our challenging tasks.

We publish a new challenge in the Community Connect forum every two weeks. We invite you to put your creativity and Dynatrace knowledge to the test by solving unique and fun use cases. Participation is rewarded.

Prize: The Winner(s) of the Challenge will receive the prize mentioned in the original post. Depending on the challenge, prizes may differ. Here's what you can get:

Submit your Idea for Biweekly Challenges! - We love hearing ideas from our Community members! If you have an idea that you think could be turned into a good challenge, send it to

Community Member of the Month Award

The Community Member of the Month Award recognizes members who have consistently and significantly contributed to the Dynatrace Community by helping others in the forums, sharing innovative product plugins and extensions, providing product enhancement requests, and attending the webinars and Dynatrace events.

Winners of this award are chosen at the end of the month by the Community team, based on the member activity in various areas: forums, plugins, feedback, and knowledge sharing. If you win, you can be nominated again 12 months following your award.

Each month, we recognize Community members in two categories: Customer/Partner and Employee.

What’s awesome about becoming a Member of the Month?

See all previous Member of the Month award winners.

Community Rock Star Award

Our Rock Star Award is our highest honor and is given out annually at the Dynatrace
Perform conference
. Dynatrace Community members who have provided exceptional contributions over the course of the year are recognized.

Winners of this award are invited to take center stage at Perform to get recognized and receive a special prize that all digital performance rock stars will love.

Here are the past winners:

2018 Rock Stars l 2017 Rock Stars l 2016 Rock Stars

Reputation points

Your Reputation is a numeric score based on your participation in the Forums. You earn points when, for example, one of your answers is accepted as the Best Answer or when you receive "likes" or votes from other members. You may also be awarded points directly by other members through the Reward user link below a post.

Participating in the Dynatrace Forums is a rewarding experience. You can increase your Reputation by these contributions:

See also how to reward other members for their contributions.


The Reputation Leaderboard shows Community user ranking based on the reputation points they’ve earned over the last week, two weeks, current month, and quarter to date. You can also view the all-time ranking, which lists users based on their overall reputation scores. It can be accessed from the Explore menu -> Users.

The Leaderboard helps to select awardees of all Community award types, so don’t put off contributing to the Community. Join the discussions now!