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Community Team
Community Team


"Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas."
E.A. Bucchianeri 

In some way, yes, it’s true, but on the other hand… Every day is a new beginning, and even if we do have only one canvas, on top of the old one, we can paint a new, different, and much more beautiful picture. It’s not always an easy and fast process, but step by step, with each brushstroke, with every added hue, everything takes on a new shape. 

The same thing happens with information, data, and code. The first impression is that they’re just numbers, words, and commands, but giving them “shape” and a graphic form gives a completely new perspective and changes these “streams of characters” into pictures that represent bigger meanings and are more understandable. 

But what do art and data have in common? One answer is UI/UX design. In Dynatrace we have Kevin Strzelczyk, who not only ensures brand consistency in the company but also helped the Community team a lot with redesigning our forum in the last months. 

Read the article about @kevins and see how passion for street art can lead one to Dynatrace. 😉

Can you share some details about your past? What is your story, how it happened that you decided to work in the IT / APM area, and how you became a Dynatracer? 

My story as a designer starts in my teenage years with street art. Graffiti sparked my interest and drove me to art school. In 2009, I attended The New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University where I later received a BFA in Graphic Design. After college, as I worked in a fish market and searched for a job in digital design, I started my own business as a chalkboard designer. I leveraged my love for lettering and created menus for various businesses. It’s become a hobby that I still enjoy doing today. In 2014, I started working at Logentries, as a Visual Designer on the Marketing and UI/UX team. Over the years I continued my career, working primarily as a digital designer, at both startups and agencies. In 2019, my mentor, Josh Sims, reached out to me about an open opportunity here at Dynatrace.

Chalkboard signs for fish market sushi, Italian trattorias, friend’s wedding, and Catalant headquartersChalkboard signs for fish market sushi, Italian trattorias, friend’s wedding, and Catalant headquarters

Can you tell us a little bit about your job? What interesting things you’re working on that you can share?

As the Associate UI/UX Director on the Brand and Experience team, I manage our design system and work directly with the UX and Web teams to develop our marketing pages. I also work directly with all the departments across Dynatrace to help ensure brand consistency on the web. My most recent projects were redesigning our home and platform page. I’m currently on paternity leave and will spend the next three months bonding with my son, Otto!

I want to see the Islanders win the Stanley Cup, and so do my children (especially Remi who is mad mom got in the way of the game)I want to see the Islanders win the Stanley Cup, and so do my children (especially Remi who is mad mom got in the way of the game)

 What makes you excited about being a part of the Dynatrace?

Our brand and experienced team - I work with some really awesome people and always feel empowered to produce the best quality experience on the web. We have a great process in place where building a webpage is collaborative and methodical. We’re constantly testing, learning, and improving the experience. The cross-team collaboration at Dynatrace is also very unique. Over my 4 years, I’ve worked with almost all the different teams. It really is something special.

LEFT: The BAE team is the dream team at Dynatrace and at the 2023 Config Conference by Figma / RIGHT: Davis campaign photoshoot 2019LEFT: The BAE team is the dream team at Dynatrace and at the 2023 Config Conference by Figma / RIGHT: Davis campaign photoshoot 2019

How is the Community helping you in your job? Why do you think it’s worth being a part of the Dynatrace Community? What best advice can you give someone who just started using Community?
My first interaction with the Dynatrace Community was when I was approached by the team to help them with their rebrand. It wasn’t until then that 


Tell us something about you that most people don’t know. What is your biggest joy or passion in life?
I am a big hockey guy. I started playing the sport when I was 3 and have always been a New York Islanders fan. I still play goalie in adult beer leagues and design my own gear (helmets, pads, and team jerseys).  I’m also a father to two wonderful children, Remi and Otto. When I’m not at work (or 11 PM beer league games), I usually spend time with my family and enjoy nature.

Pond Hockey (LEFT) and Ice Hockey (RIGHT). My daughter is my biggest fan.Pond Hockey (LEFT) and Ice Hockey (RIGHT). My daughter is my biggest fan.

What’s one thing on your bucket list? Your dream?
To visit New Zealand. I’ve always been fascinated with the island and look forward to the day I can take my family to visit.

Kevin, thank you for creating with us a beautiful picture that Community users can see and admire on a daily basis. 😊 Everything that happens on the forum and how it is presented allows all Community members to find themselves in the world of Dynatrace better. And one last thing – as life is an art, let’s all remember to make it a masterpiece.

Community Team
Community Team

Thrilled to host you in this format, @kevins


Congrats @kevins :clap::clap:

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you, Kevin, for supporting the Dynatrace Community 🙌 Enjoy your paternity leave! 💙

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Congratulations @kevins !

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Congratulations @kevins! The Chalkboard signs are so cool, true art and skill. I cant even make stick figures lol! 😂

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Congrats!  You have some real talent

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Good to see one of the faces behind the Dynatrace public design. Congrats, @kevins 

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Great Work @kevins, I personally love the NZ, been there 3 times. I know north island very, very well. Need to go back to south island.

DynaMight Mentor
DynaMight Mentor

Congrats, @kevins !! 

Big fan of the work that the BAE team has delivered in these recent times! So, Congrats twice! 😁