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Community Team
Community Team

Badges are one of the gamification features in the Dynatrace Forum. They represent users' activity in our Community. There is no tangible reward for the badges but for many users getting them is a prize itself. It’s a proof of user knowledge of the Dynatrace products and other topics around Software Intelligence.

Participation in all gamification features of the forum is optional and you are the ones who decide about their value.

On the badges page, you can see the variety of awards available to users from the list of badges and see how you can earn each of the awards.


To view your badges:

  1. Log in to the forum.

  2. From the navigation bar, click the avatar drop-down menu, and select Profile.

  1. Your badges are displayed in the Badges section.

  1. To see the badge details, click the badge.

Remember: you can acquire some of the badges a couple of times! The number of the badges that you’ve got will appear in your profile, next to badge icon.


There are three levels of badges: bronze, silver, and gold, which depends on the difficulty of acquiring them. Here are some examples of the badges that you can get: