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Community Team
Community Team

Dear Dynatrace Community,

As announced last week, we’re in the process of migrating to a new forum platform. We’ve chosen the best-in-class solution to provide you the best possible experience.

We are well-aware that our Community wouldn’t be successful without your engagement. That’s why appreciation and recognition aspects are so important to us.

What will you find in the new platform?


This is the most awaited form of gamification. Finally, we’ll have user ranks in the forums! Now, it will be easy for you to differentiate Dynatrace staff, Product Managers, and the Community team.

A rank won’t be just an indicator of your status in the Community. People with the highest ranks also have access to additional forum features, such as the ability to edit tags and posts, and to send private messages to other Super Users.

Here are a couple of the rank examples:

  • Newcomer – the first rank for all the new users of the Dynatrace forums.
  • Visitor
  • Contributor
  • Mentor
  • Legend – the highest rank in our forum. To get it, you need to not only provide valuable content and answers that are approved as solutions, but also get bonus points for various participation activities in the forum, such as Community Challenges.

We’re not planning to reveal the full rank hierarchy nor the rules behind them to prevent cheating.

It’s different in case of the Community badges.


We’re going to have a completely new set of badges, branded and customized. Every single badge has a description, so you know how to get it.

You win badges by performing specific activities in the Community, such as posting 5 topics in the forums. We will add new badges along the way, so there will always be a new challenge for you.


The new forum platform brings new types of leaderboards that recognize high-quality contributions rather than their quantity.

  • Top solution authors

Lists top 5 users who have written the most forum replies that have been accepted as solutions.

  • Top kudoed authors

Lists top 5 users who have received the most kudos in the selected period of time.

You’ll see such leaderboards in every forum. That way, we can recognize more topic experts.

Community Member of the Month

There are no changes to the Member of the Month award, besides one: the prize! Starting from January 2021, we’ve increased the gift code value to the Dynatrace online store from $50 to $75.

In the near future, we want to create a dedicated badge for all Member of the Month awardees.

Community Challenges

We publish a new challenge in the Community Connect forum every month. We invite you to put your creativity and Dynatrace knowledge to the test by solving unique and fun use cases. Participation is rewarded in many ways. Always check the challenge post for details.

We hope you’ll have fun participating in various forms of the forum gamification!

What will be the next update about?

Next week, you’ll learn about user profiles and notifications. There are a lot of changes for the better, so stay tuned!


The Dynatrace Community Team

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