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Community Team
Community Team

You can answer a question, or comment on another user's answer. In a Product Ideas forum, you can give feedback for an idea or comment on another user's feedback.

Post an answer

To answer a question, click Add your reply below the question or idea to scroll to the text box at the bottom of the page. Be sure to answer the question and avoid assumptions.

Add a comment

If you want to ask for clarification or respond to other answers, use comments. To comment on a post, click Add comment below a question or answer.

Composing an answer or comment is similar to composing a question or idea. Use the editing toolbar above the text box as needed.

You do not automatically follow a question/idea if you post a response to it. If you want to be notified of new responses, click the Follow button.

Note: To manage the items you're following, go to your Profile page and click My Subscriptions.

Reply by Email

If you receive an email notification about a post, you can post a response by replying to the email.

You can reply as an answer or as a comment. To post your reply as an answer, begin your message with @answer. To post your reply as a comment, begin the message with @comment.