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Community Team
Community Team

Dynatrace forums do not have a mechanism for sending email messages to other members. Member email addresses are not displayed in the forums. However, you can send a notification to another member, or send a link through your own email or messaging system.

Notify a member

To send a notification to another Community member, type @username in the post, where username is the Community member's display name. As you type after the @, a list of names appears, filtered as you continue to type.

Note: You can use the Ask an Expert feature on the question page to send a message about the post to another user.

Get a direct link

The direct link to a question is the URL in the browser's address bar.

To get a direct link to an answer or comment, click Share.

The Share link for an answer is below the answer text.

For a comment, hover anywhere over the comment until the link appears next to the member's name.

A popup window displays the URL.