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Can't see service running inside Kubernetes pods



We have configured Dynatrace OneAgent in our k8s stack, post which I'm able to see all the namesapces, pods, workflow, etc.

However, I'm not able to see services running inside pods.
OneAgent is running in classicFullStack mode and ActiveGate capabilities are as below
- routing
- kubernetes-monitoring
- dynatrace-api

Activegate :




Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hi @rohit_kankriya, seeing no services probably means the OneAgent code was not injected into the process or that there is no traffic. Did you restart the process after deploying the OneAgent? If yes, do you see any error message under the process group instance? You can access it by going to "technologies and processes" > select a process group > select the instance of the process group.

Hi @ilosarc , haven't restarted the pods yet will be doing it soon.
however I also observed that the nodes on which these pods are running are not available in Dynatrace.
not sure what I'm missing here.



Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hi @rohit_kankriya, there might be a problem with the OneAgent pods in that case. I'd suggest taking a look at their status (kubectl describe pods <oneagent_pod_name> -n dynatrace) to see why they might be failing. The AGENT_CONTAINER_IMAGE_VERSION version you're trying to download might be too old. I don't think it's available to download anymore from SaaS environments. In any case, it's recommended to go through the Dynatrace Kubernetes troubleshooting docs as well:

have checked oneAgent Pod logs, there are no errors but have observed below

[2023-06-21 11:31:23.570 UTC] [00006adc] [info ] [oneagentextensions] [threading] Logic start
[2023-06-21 11:31:23.570 UTC] [00006adc] [info ] [oneagentextensions] [StateQueue] *STOPPED

on the other hand 'oneagentos' is running,

[2023-06-21 11:31:23.569 UTC] [00004be8] [info ] [oneagentos] [StateQueue] *STOPPED -> RUNNING
[2023-06-21 11:31:23.569 UTC] [00006ad9] [info ] [oneagentos] [threading] Logic start
[2023-06-21 11:31:23.570 UTC] [00006ad9] [info ] [oneagentos] [StateQueue] STOPPED -> *RUNNING

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hi @rohit_kankriya, this is not the ideal place for troubleshooting. Please, create a support ticket in Dynatrace:

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey any solution to this? any support ticket created.?


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