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How to monitor Pod/Deployment stuff

Hi Team,
Can Dynatrace help to monitor below  Pod/Deployment stuff. I am not able to find metrics to fulfill this requirement,


Pods/Deployment :-

Percentage of Unavailable Pods Out of Desired Replicas
CPU Requests/Limits vs Actual usage
Memory Requests/Limits vs Actual usage
Persistent Volume Utilization


Heramb Sawant



Here you will find all available built-in metrics for Kubernetes:

Have a nice day!


Hi there,

I think all metrics are within the platform. Persistent volume claims can be activated as a plugin.

Also it is possible to get information about all the requests and limits. I've even created an API script to get all the information of all the pods in a json file  combined with the average, maximum and 90percentile.

Just use the Kuberentrs overview page if you have configured Dynatrace to pull metrics out of the Kubernetes API.

#Performance matter!

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