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Kubernetes App - Feedback / Excluding Kubernetes events


I tried to post this in the feedback channel that is linked in the Kubernetes app, link below but I get an 'You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.' error, not sure if that is expected.

We are trying out the Kubernetes app some and have added 2 clusters. We are using kyverno running in a audit mode so there are a lot of PolicyViolation events, at least until we get them cleaned up. I had excluded these events from being pulled in for the clusters when they were setup the traditional way (before adding them to the Kubernetes app). The events did get excluded then but now they are back for the clusters that have been added to the Kubernetes app.

I see the below within the cluster settings in the old interface. Does this mean we are forced to always pull in ALL k8 events? Can we no longer exclude the unimportant ones? Am I missing something with the new app?

Monitoring settings are handled differently since the new Kubernetes experience was activated. The Kubernetes app requires that the following monitoring settings are always enabled:

  • Monitor Kubernetes namespaces, services, workloads, and pods
  • Monitor workload and node resource metrics
  • Monitor important events

To maintain consistency between classic and new Kubernetes experience, these settings can't be changed any longer on this page or via API. They are automatically overruled and always treated as enabled.

Note: The values of the settings are preserved. This is why they may still be displayed as disabled.


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