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Using docker containerized host as ActiveGate server


There is a windows host where we need to install one agent and in the same server can we create a docker containerized host and will this docker containerized host can be used as a Activegate server. 

If yes, kindly provide steps to install and configure. 


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

There's a reference guide in the docs for containerized AG deployment, but no documentation for docker:

However, I'd discourage you from using the same host for both purposes since:

  • If you just want to route the oneAgent traffic to the Dynatrace Cluster, the OneAgent is fully capable of doing it on its own, granted it has access to those IP addresses. 
  • For any of the other ActiveGate capabilities, the best course of action (best practice) is to give it a dedicated resource pool, so it doesn't compete for resources with the application running on your host.

Hope it was helpful.

Eric Yu | LATAM ACE Consultant

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