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📢 Grafana k6 - available on the Dynatrace Hub

Community Team
Community Team

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The k6 tile is now live on the Hub!

Feel free to check it, use it, and provide feedback.


K6 emits several key load test health metrics during runtime. Use this integration to send this data into Dynatrace. Then, deploy the provided dashboard to visualize these key metrics for your load tests.

Use cases

  • Load testing metric ingest
  • Export k6 load testing metrics to Dynatrace

Get started

k6 requires that you build a custom binary using their xk6 tool.

To build k6 binary with the Prometheus remote write output extension use:

xk6 build --with 

Run k6 and Export to Dynatrace

The API token needs "Ingest metrics" metrics.ingest permission.

export K6_DYNATRACE_URL=http://<environmentid> 
export K6_DYNATRACE_APITOKEN=<Dynatrace API token>
./k6 run script.js -o output-dynatrace

Upload Dashboard

The metrics will be available via the "Metrics" page during the load test.

You may also wish to upload this prebuilt dashboard.


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