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Node.js Event Loop metrics to Dashboards V2

Frequent Guest

Hi, I'm trying to get timeseries tiles about common Node.js event loop metrics to be viewed in Dashboards V2, but the tile seems to show false values ( around 5% avg.) When the host event loop dashboard shows values around 5% to 66% utilization.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @moonlit , 

Your image seems to only show the result of your tile. It also looks as though you were using some kind of a query to create this dashboard - if so, what was the query that you used to create the timeseries? If not, how did you create this tile? 

Dynatrace ACE Services Consultant

This timeseries is straight from Data Explorer, which shows the Event Loop Utiliziation correctly, I just pressed the Open with Dashboards.

The query:

timeseries utilization=avg(dt.runtime.nodejs.eventloop.utilization), by: { dt.entity.process_group_instance } , filter: { in(dt.entity.process_group_instance, classicEntitySelector("type(process_group_instance),entityName.equals(process_name)")) }

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