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Application onboarding in Dynatrace


Hi Team,

Could you please give me clarification on the below processes?

I have taken up a new project in which I am responsible for creating dashboards, application performance monitoring, Root cause analysis etc.  Agent installation on servers and host groups creation and Management zones creation is taken care by infrastructure team from customer side.


Below is the area I need some clarification:

In my previous project, after installing agent on Application server and enabling monitoring, I used to onboard/configure the application in dynatrace like  (Management zones were not created in this project)

      creating application (detection rules), configuring application settings (enabling real user monitoring,  user tagging),  Tagging, alert profile creation  etc in order to create entry for each application, analyze user sessions etc.


But, here, in new account, when I ask them about application onboarding/configuration in dynatrace, they  are saying nothing as such,  we have created host groups and Management zones for all the applications that's all.   When I see for applications under Applications & Microservices-->fronted, I see only My application(default) and nothing else.   


I am not getting clarity on this like if Management zones are created,

Is it not required to configure application URL in Dynatrace after Agent installation on application server?

How to enable RUM and user name is tagged for user session analysis? 


Please provide me clarity on the above.  I am so much confused.





Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hello Srinivas,


When onboarding an application into Dynatrace there is nothing "required" like you have mentioned. Most of these things like creating management zones, Configuring Application detection rules, RUM username tagging are all optional configurations that can be configured to improve the usability of Dynatrace.


I would suggest creating an onboarding document for your new project and making sure that new teams follow it. Then once that has been created go back and make sure the older teams that were onboarded follow the same configurations.


Create a list of items that you would like to accomplish across every new team onboarded into Dynatrace like so:

  1. Host groups
  2. Standardize Auto Tagging
  3. Management Zone 
  4. User Group Permissions
  5. Application Detection Rules
  6. Etc

It would also be worthwhile to document the standard configurations so the team could continue to use the onboarding document in the future.


Hope this helps.




Hi Dallas


Thank you So much.  I understood now. Yes,  as you suggested, I will prepare a document on the standard configurations.





Hi, @srinivasarao_as  did you come up with any sort of document for an onboard document? will you be able to provide any templates that you have? 

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