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Comparison metric in Power BI


I performed a metric in Power BI, which can compare the amount of Microservices it had on a previous date vs a current date, to validate how much we went up or down in replicas of our pods.

But when trying to do it in Dynatrace it was not possible to get this difference since not when placing the time, it takes it for the two queries.

I would like to know if it is possible that at the time of consultation you can have your time, and then do the subtraction.

I attach proof of what was done in Power BI and I have tried to do it in Dynatrace.

Idea 1 (2).PNG

image (1).png





Does the :timeshift option in the Code area not work for you? e.g. :timeshift(-2d)

Yes, I have tried it, but when I put the query with that time it does not show the correct data, what I was looking for also in timeshift to put as a specific date range but neither can it, but what you say if I have tried it but with timeshift for some reason in some pods it doesn't show the data.

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