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How often a dashboard is used?



We are looking to see how often a dashboard is used so we can decide what dashboards can be cleaned up/deleted.  I looked through API and at dashboard properties and do not see a way.

Does Dynatrace have a way of doing this or is this planned?


Example: Dashboard A was used 20 times in last month.  Dashboard B was used 1 time in the last month.

Dashboard B probably can be deleted.


Also, another functionality is who is actually using the dashboard.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

This functionality currently does not exists but is a great RFE!


Excellent idea! 👍 

Thanks Larry

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you really really need this dashboard usage information, your account manager or Dynatrace Guardian (If you have one) should be able to get you that. 


Chad, talked with Guardians and they agreed there isn't this functionality.  do you know something different?

I would push back maybe not so much in chat support as they might not have access to this, but Dynatrace has Dynatrace monitoring your Dynatrace lol. If you need Heatmap data to understand where users are going in Dynatrace and what they are using, they should have that. Bring it up to your regular Coaching Session or to your account manager, maybe he can seek the data out as well and get you set up with a weekly report.


Thanks Chad, guess you don't work for Dynatrace?  so you know for sure that they can say how often dashboard a is used and by who?


Dynatrace can monitor but don't monitor everything.

You could always ask that they monitor that. Are you SaaS or Managed? I'm not sure if there is a limitation on monitoring of Managed Vs SaaS when it comes to what Dynatrace Corp can see. 


I have seen reports from dynatrace corp that lays out the top users for chat, with their count of chat instances, most frequestly used parts of dynatrace, same with dashboards. 


I know in a future update they will be adding in a "popularity" metric for dashboards so you can see how popular they are. Kind of like in Itunes. 


We are SaaS.  Our guardian says they been talking about "popularity" metric for about a year.


Thanks again