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Metric to track high cardinality


We use this metric "Metric Server - Metrics - Metric Dimensions Usage (
" to track the growth of metric dimensions and prevent them from stopping due to high cardinality.

The point is that the metric is limited to dimensions >500k or 50% usage.

We would like to have access to visibility of data below 50% / <500k to track growth and direct teams to adjust before it becomes a problem.
If possible by metric, but if someone has an example for us to create this metric by logs, it would help a lot.


Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hi @lucrisca,

Could you tell me more about how you're using this dsfm metric to track growth and direct teams?

Take care,

hello nick,

We have a “Metrics ingest limits” dashboard to track this growth.
When it's a team metric, We contact the microservice owner. When it's builtin dimensions, we validate whether any configuration changes in the clusters have caused this increase.

A dashboard was made available for the teams to monitor the ingestion of their metrics and correct the cases that are ingesting more data. The feedback received from the teams was to present the data < 50%.



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