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Export full data & monitoring configuration to BBDD (Kibana, Grafana)


We consider a vital functionality, being able to export the metrics, configuration and other data of the tool, in order to be able to centralize all that information in an external dashboarding system in order to perform data analysis (BI).


Mainly, it should be avoided that hundreds of clients are accessing via API with the consequent management of tokens and especially the high consumption and decrease in performance that Dynatrace itself would suppose.


Is there a module or tool to carry out this export in a massive way?.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

You can use monaco to export the entire configuration:

For metrics (and anything accessible via API) I would instead integrate Grafana/Kibana directly to the REST API, instead of trying to export the entire dataset to some other place that would then have to be consumed by Grafana/Kibana anyways, this is an expensive move operation considering that the data is already stored and accessible.