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Create a service list API with response time, failure rate, and request per min


Hi Everyone, Can Anyone explain me how to create a service list API with response time, failure rate and request per minute?

The reason is that I want to import this list to Power BI after I get the list from Dynatrace. Im trying to do get the service API but dont know how to do it properly 😞


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @Paulo1989 ,

Have you tried using the Service Metrics Api?


Have a nice day!

not yet because I don´t where to start it from. would you mind to guide me if possible?

Are you using Dynatrace SaaS or managed?

Have a nice day!

Hi Radek

Im using SaaS

Hi @Paulo1989 

I recommend you use the built-in swagger, which is available at:


There you search for elements matching metrics for services (I've already hinted at you before) and build a query to pull a specific metric. You can then use such a curl already from your tool (e.g. Postman).

Remember to select the appropriate scope for the token - in this case it would be:


Have a nice day!

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