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Do we have an elegant solution to synchronize/clone web application configuration and avoid collisions?


Dynatrace has property id and key as unique values

and what's worse is it's cashed for 30 days,

and what's even worse is that Dynatrace doesn't generate random IDs just user sequences 1,2,3, etc for each app.


If you have in the master application config property A and B
but a teammate will create property C in a secondary app,

it is impossible to clone A and B because of id collision.


It is nasty but you can't just delete/clone configuration app1 to app2.


At this stage I tried to use constant Ids and as Ops support to clear cache for clone.

But it is ineffective and de-facto banned UI approach for properties creation.


The same situation is indeed is with the meta objects.


Wo we already have any elegant solution to resolve collisions between different configurations?